Title: "Bonsai"

10' high

Year: 2005

Currently at my studio

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This sculpture is called "Bonsai", not because of its size (bonsai trees are seldom over a foot tall), but because of its gnarled organic appearance. The trunk is made of steel. A special patina process has been used to turn the steel a dark "Death Valley" rust color. The three paddle wheels are made of steel, copper, and stainless steel. In 2005 "Bonsai" had a nine month stint at the Nevada Museum of Art in Reno. In 2006 "Bonsai" was loaned to the Port of San Diego as part of their "Urban Trees" public art project. In 2007 "Bonsai" saw duty at the Burning Man festival. In addition to the full-size "Bonsai", a scale model was created for the purpose of entering shows and contests.